Between the pandemic and the war drums, this project brings a calm amidst the chaos. To take the dictionary definition, Phonemes are "perceptually distinct units of sound in language." In parallel, contemplative music, a whisper of a melody; this is what the word evokes for François Dompierre.

Indeed, this would seem an apt reflection of the character of the pieces included in this unique set: Maxime, Céleste, Partance, Septembre, Méandre, Cortège and Augustine. Seven contemplative pieces composed by François Dompierre, mostly unpublished, and inspired by the cinematic imagery with which he has crossed paths.

  • Composer:

    François Dompierre

  • Produced by:

    Denis Chabot

  • Producers:

    Francis Choinière, Gabriel Felcarek & Nicholas Choinière

  • Sound recording and mixing:

    Philippe Bouvrette

  • Mastering:

    Carl Talbot (Productions Musicom)

  • Editing:

    Philippe Bouvrette

  • Executive Producer:

    Groupe Minuit Médias

  • Production Coordinator:

    Morgane Lachance

  • Album cover photo:

    Paul Laramée

  • Graphic design and production:

    Eric Perrier

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