Celebrate the holiday season with A Very Operatic Christmas, a dazzling Christmas album with an Italian twist! Performed by the Canadian group LYRICO, an operatic pop trio composed of Marco Bocchicchio, Sam Champagne, and Ian Sabourin, this riveting debut album is not to be missed. Leading the 80 members of the orchestra and choir is Francis Choinière, music director of Montreal’s FILMharmonic. Embrace nostalgia and let your heart be carried away by the holiday magic.

  • Produced by:

    Francis Choinière & Denis Chabot

  • Producer:

    Gabriel Felcarek, Francis Choinière & Nicholas Choinière

  • Sound recording - Orchestra:

    Philippe Bouvrette

  • Sound recording and editing:

    Sylvain Lefebvre

  • Editing and Mixing:

    Philippe Bouvrette

  • Mastering:

    Marc Thériault

  • Executive Producer:

    Groupe Minuit Médias

  • Musical arrangements:

    Francis Choinière & Joey Reda

  • Photos:

    Tam Lan Truong

  • Graphic design and production:

    Eric Perrier

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